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New Developments

Blackadder: Your plum duff tastes like its a molehill decorated with rabbit – droppings
Baldrick: I thought you wouldn’t notice

Our aim for the conference is to provide the opportunity for in depth study into the link between food and conflict during the first experience of total warfare. We have eight delegates exploring the moral, nutritional, social and economic role of food and drink on the Western Front and beyond.

As a university we are grateful to have established links with the National Archives, the First World War Centenary Programme and most recently BBC North West have shown interest in discussions regarding the event. We are extremely excited for the interest that people have shown in the conference as it promises to be a monumental event.

We have also set up a twitter feed which will keep you up to date on all the current developments and topics that will be discussed at the event in April.



A New Take on the First World War

In 2014 people all across the globe will mark the centenary of the First World War. The military narrative has been recounted many times, however, at Liverpool Hope University a different aspect of the conflict is being considered. This exciting one day symposium focuses on one of the most popular topics of study in recent history – the link between food and warfare.

The symposium examines the role of food and drink on the Western Front and beyond, promising to be an
exciting and informing event that will mark the anniversary with pride.

The conference is sponsored by the Economic History Society and the Society for the Study of French History.

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